Fresh Starts

Hello (again), world! I’ve tried blogging before, but never with much success. I don’t have the discipline to update regularly, and I go back and forth about how much exposure I want to directly contribute to my kids having. In this digital age, most people have some degree of exposure, but I’m just never sure what’s right. I have rules for myself, I don’t share certain topics– no naked pictures, no arguments with my husband. Aside from those, I still don’t know where the line is for me.

That said, I miss having a medium for my thoughts and my experiences. My life is, for the most part, very standard and more than a bit dull. I don’t travel, I┬ádon’t care much about DIY projects or perfect decor, I’m definitely not fashionable, and I’m not a great cook. A niche blogger I am not, nor could I be.

The point of this meandering post is this– I buy into the hype of spring and rebirth, and I’m letting it take me down this path again. I don’t think it will be anything more than a venue for flexing what few creative muscles I have, but I’m here. Now that the sun is finally melting the ashy snow, I can come out from under the doldrums of winter.